Ex-Lloyds Bank building – Bookham Village Centre

Peter Seaward – Chairman BRA

Many of you will have heard an alarm continually sounding in the ex-Lloyds Bank building for the past twelve days.  After many failed attempts to get this silenced the BRA was contacted to see if we could help. Along with others we managed to get into the building with the agents permission. We found that a water leak which was still flowing had set the fire alarm off. An engineer from the local security firm Rohallion turned the alarm off and the agents informed. They were also asked to stop the water flow which appears to have caused damage. This we are told was done on Thursday evening.

I would like to thank Rohallion in particular for their immediate support which they provided at no cost. Given this was a problem that the owners and agents should have resolved this was an extremely generous gesture by Rohallion  Also helping were Elizabeth Catering, David Smith of Wishing Well and Simon Edge Councillor for Bookham South.