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Parking Review

The BRA has recently received the following correspondence from MVDC with regards to the 2014/2015 Parking Review. The BRA submitted to the review comments on a number of proposals and generally comments on the following have been accepted.

  • Drawing 25 [page 11/12] Eastwick Drive – reduce proposals on west side
  • Drawing 26 Pine Dean – not to proceed
  • Drawing 27 East Street – not to proceed
  • Drawing 28 The Garstons – reduce proposals on west side
  • Drawing 29, Solecote, 30, Little Bookham Street and 31 Downs Way/Leatherhead Road

Unfortunately the review did not take account of BRA comments on the Leatherheads and Dorking Roads at Lower Shott. The BRA will request that this will be re-consider at the next review. You can see the plans by clicking on the link below.

Dear Resident

Mole Valley 2014/2015 Parking Review

Thank you for the comments that you sent to us when we advertised changes to the waiting and parking restrictions in Mole Valley.

When we receive objections / support we are required by law to consider them and decide whether or not to agree to them before making any changes. In Surrey this task is the responsibility of the parking team manager, in consultation with the local committee chairman and the county councillor for the area. We also have to write to people that made objections to let them know the outcome, which is the purpose of this letter.

In light of the objections and comments that we received, some changes are going to be made to some of the proposals in Mole Valley, however not all the objections were upheld. You can see a report outlining the objections and the outcomes, and the reasons for them, on the Surrey County Council website by going to www.surreycc.gov.uk/parking/molevalley and following the link to ‘Mole Valley 2014/2015 parking review’.


We are now preparing to make the necessary changes to the traffic regulation orders and to order the relevant road marking and signing work. Once this has been carried out the new controls and restrictions will come into operation.

If you would like any more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

David Curl

Parking Strategy and Implementation Team Manager
Parking Strategy and Implementation Team
Tel: 0300 200 1003

For more information about what we do, please visit our Surrey Highways Website


With the growing season in full flight BRA has commissioned clearance of a number of footpaths around Bookham, using funds received from SCC’s Localism Fund under their Lengthsman Project. This involves money being given to Parishes and Residents Associations to carry out works in their locality which SCC would normally carry out but do not have the manpower to do as regularly as should be done.

Following a detailed survey carried out by BRA members, footpaths cleared in recent years under a similar scheme were:

Town Paths: Greenacres to The Park; Park Green to The Park; Eastwick Park Avenue to Park View; Merrylands to Little Bookham Street.

Public Footpaths: Vicarage Close to Lower Road; Glebe Close to The Lorne; Crabtree Lane, Ashdale, South End to Dorking Road; Crabtree Lane to Flint Close; Sole Farm Avenue, Childs Hall Road, Little Bookham Street; The Lorne to Rectory Lane; Little Bookham Street; Meadowside to Bookham Common; Rectory Lane to All Saints Church; Dorking Road to Whiteway; Richmond Way; Burrows Close to Little Bookham Street; Dorking Road to Whiteway.

If you are aware of footpaths that need clearing please contact the BRA and our team will check to see if they are scheduled for clearing or need to be added to the schedule.

Contact the BRA

Marylands Road footpath before clearing

Marylands Road footpath before clearing

Marylands Road footpath after clearing

Marylands Road footpath after clearing


Surrey County Council has developed a five year programme of major road repairs called Project Horizon. This financial year, 2015/2016, the resurfacing of the following roads is scheduled: Crabtree Lane, Little Bookham Street, Meadow Way/The Copse (Eastwick Drive to The Copse), Willow Vale (The Copse to the end), Willow Vale (Spring Grove to the end), Mill Close and the High Street.

Other ongoing projects under the 2015/2016 Integrated Transport Schemes (ITS) programme are:

  • the improvement of Rectory Lane from The Grange to the A246, to extend the east side footway and widen the narrow carriageway. Negotiations with affected landowners are currently in hand.
  • improvements to the High Street, principally for the benefit of pedestrians. The scheme proposed that the High Street be retained for two way traffic, whilst allowing for the construction of traffic calming measures that would reduce traffic speeds and act as pedestrian crossings. In place of the previously proposed raised tables, two kerb build-outs are proposed, one at the Co Op/Wishing Well, the other at The Bakery. Non slip paving will be incorporated in the kerb build outs to assist pedestrians.
  • The installation of street lighting on the A246, to complete the lighting between the Young Street roundabout and the village, was recently finished, making it safer for all road users and particularly pedestrians. However this did result in complaints from house owners along this main road affected by the increased light in their properties and SCC have agreed that the contractor should install forward facing shields to all new street lights to reduce the light overspill.

If you have any highways problems near you, the best way to report it is to go to www.surreycc.gov.uk and ‘Report It’, or phone 0300 200 1003.