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Roadworks in Little Bookham Street

Keith Francis

Please note that Surrey County Council long sign-posted these works and the middle part of Little Bookham Street at the narrows closed on Tuesday, 8 August 2017, for approximately two weeks to allow Thames Water to do more sewer replacement on the right-hand side coming down from Lower Road.

Local road diversions are in place and depending upon where you join Little Bookham Street they are either down the lower part of it past Bookham railway station to Church Road or in the other direction up Little Bookham Street, then left onto Childs Hall Road taking care exiting at it’s junction with Lower Road.

For the duration of the works the Buses Excetera 479 service to Guildford comes past the railway station, up Little Bookham Street as far as Sole Farm Road where it turns left into this road, up Sole Farm Avenue then Middlemead Road before turning right onto Lower Road. The Epsom service goes along Lower Road, down Church Road at the square-about then up Little Bookham Street and it too turns left going along the full length of Sole Farm Road before turning right onto Church Road. Unfortunately the bus stops not in use are opposite and at The Windsor Castle pub and at and opposite Bennetts Farm Place but, there is a temporary bus stop opposite Preston Cross now the Gladwell Care Home.

Future Mole Valley Consultation issued by MVDC

  • Future Mole Valley is the name for the next MVDC Local Plan.
  • It will set out plans for development in the District over the fifteen years 2018 – 2033
  • It will include targets for delivering new housing and identify locations for new development
  • It will set out those areas which will continue to be protected
  • Once agreed the Plan will form the basis on which planning applications will be decided in the District.

To find out more and contribute to the consultation, click here to visit the web site.

MVDC have also published a detailed briefing document: Issues and Options: Setting a strategic direction for development which can be viewed by clicking on the image below:

Note: The consultation has been extended to 1st September 2017

Bookham on the Map!

If the question was ‘How many shops are there in Bookham‘, it is possible that not many people would get the answer right.
That is one of the reasons why the Bookhams Residents’ Association have produced a new reference map, featuring all the retail outlets in Bookham. It is fully cross referenced to guide people through the village and it is on display in the newly erected notice board in the car park at the back of the Co-Op and The Royal Oak, next to the pay machine.

  • The map gives the shops their location, name and main business.
  • It is also designed to encourage shoppers to visit shops in Lower Shott and Church Road.
  • Needless to say, it highlights the fact that we have such a vibrant, thriving village and emphasises the importance of supporting all our local retailers.

Click here for a PDF/print version


Proctor Gardens – Chilmans Drive Footpath

This footpath became very overgrown with nettles and vegetation and was impeding access. This is a regularly used footpath and a request was made by the BRA for it to be cleared. Surrey County Council are responsible for the maintenance of this footpath and the feedback from SCC is with the current financial constrains within the Countryside Access budget that resources are not available for this work. Therefore Michael Agius from the BRA and Mr McKenzie from Sheridan Road joined forces and cleared the vegetation with their strimmers. Another example of volunteers working for the betterment of the village. If a footpath near you is getting overgrown then take the initiative and cut if back!

Bookham Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Officially “Made”

We have been advised by the MVDC Principle Planning Officer that the Bookham Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been “made” at the Annual Council meeting on 23rd May 2017 and has therefore now been adopted as part of the Development Plan for Mole Valley.   A big “Well done!” to all those in the village who contributed to the plan over the last few years.

Spring 2017 Newsletter

In this special edition of the Bookhams Residents’ Association Newsletter, which is being circulated to all households in Bookham, we provided residents with the important information they needed to consider when casting their vote in the Mole Valley District Council referendum held on the 4th May.

Other News

It’s not just about the referendum of course. There is a lot of village news as well. with reports from the village on environment; infrastructure; recreation and community.

You can read the on line edition by clicking on the image below: