Twenty Nine Bookham Residents Volunteer to Litter Pick around the village

On Sunday 7th January, twenty nine residents supported the monthly BRA Litter Pick. This is a record and thank you to all those who came along on a cold morning to held keep Bookham tidy.

Margaret Lawson the BRA Litter Pick Coordinator was very pleased with the turn out. We wish we didn’t have to do this each month but is a sad fact that we have to. People only need to use the bins provided or take their rubbish home with them. We appreciate that rubbish can fall off the bin lorries when bins are emptied but that is only a small amount. We even found two golf clubs, a vacuum cleaner and an abandoned bike today. These will be recycled by MVDC. We were also that were delighted that some of the Ahmadiya Muslim group joined us once us once again for litter picking.

If you would like to help or if you know of a blackspot and would like to borrow the BRA’s grabbers and safety equipment then either send us a message or call our 24 hour message line: 0300 030 9890.

Did you enjoy the Christmas Lights in Bookham High Street and Church Road?

As in line with previous years the BRA coordinated the lovely display of Christmas Lights in the High Street. Funding came from the BRA Bookstall on Village Day, MVDC and other donations. The lights were supplied by local Bookham company, DCI Lighting and the trees and lights by Bookham Retail & Business Association (BRaBA).



Bookham Question Time a Success!

Peter Seaward – Chairman

This first Bookham Question Time on 30th November was attended by over sixty people and went as well as we in the BRA expected for our initial event.  The questions covered concerned local issues both small and large and have led to follow on actions.  Most of our Bookham and Surrey Councillors were in attendance but some were unavoidably not able to attend.

Some of the significant questions were:

Can you please tell me what is going to be done about the crossing at Preston Cross?
Response from Cllr Clare Curran – Although there is little chance of SCC funding this there is a local development which should it go ahead might be a way of funding this.

Do you agree that it is important to keep the names of Great and Little Bookham?
Response from several on the panel – A general agreement that this is a petition worth supporting.

What influences can MVDC exert to encourage employment land to be safeguarded when it is viable for business (i.e. currently let) rather than converted to housing?
Response from Guy Davies, MVDC – The situation will be watched very carefully in order to maintain the right balance.

What effect will the ‘Transform Leatherhead’ plan have on the retail businesses in Bookham?
Response from Guy Davies, MVDC – It should not have a detrimental effect, as Bookham and Leatherhead are very different.

What happened to the Southey Court gates that used to be on Lower Road?
Response from Peter Seaward – There is no simple answer, but the BRA will make enquiries.

Is there anything MVDC can do about businesses carrying out their business on public roads?
Response from Clare Curran and others – Sometimes very little can be done, unless the law is broken, but some individual cases have been dealt with.

How many dropped kerbs are needed in Bookham for people who are disabled?
Response from several on the panel – Exact figure not known, but it will be researched.

Given the high Gross value Add for Mole Valley, why have there been no infrastructure bids into the Coast 2 Capital LEP for our part of Mole Valley?

The answer given was that bids have been made – but not all have been successful in a very competitive environment.

What is the status of potential development of Lower Shott?

There is little activity on this at the moment. Cllr Metin Huseyin said he would discuss this again with MVDC.

The BRA is pleased to have been the catalyst for this event and we hope that residents will see this as just one of the things we do to help our local democracy and we are planning to repeat this as an annual event.  Thank you to all residents who came along and for making this an instructive and positive evening.

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

The BRA Autumn 2017 Newsletter is now available with articles on infrastructure, community, environment, local transport and leisure from around the village. Click on the image below to read on line. BRA Members will be receiving their printed copy from their Road Steward shortly.

Putting the Great & Little back in to Bookham!

1st September 2107: BBC Radio Surrey Interviewers James Cannon and Lesley McCabe talk to Grant Woodham, Lucy Botting and Peter Seaward:

Grant Woodham 

Since moving here as a child some 15 years ago, it has always disappointed me that our postcodes do not recognise ‘Great’ or ‘Little’ on Bookham, whereas they do for East and West Horsley, East and West Clandon, and even Effingham Junction!

I wrote to Royal Mail about this, and they are happy to implement the change to make our addresses include Great and Little, and they will complete a consultation to all affected addresses. Before they can do this, Mole Valley District Council have to give their approval. MVDC have asked me to create a petition to gauge the support for this change, so here is the petition. Please sign if you support our villages being named correctly: